Green Lake Lodge

HISTORY: The Northern Village of Green Lake lays claim to a facinating and exciting history which reaches back to the earliest days of the fur-trade. Explore our history... >1782 * North West Company built Green Lake House as a wintering post. >1793 * North West Company built a permanent trading post on the east shore of Green Lake by the river mouth. >1810 * The Hudson Bay Company reestablished itself in Green Lake. About this time the Hudson Bay Company cut a trail through the bush north from Green Lake along the Beaver River to Beauval. 1816-1817 * Men from the North West Company post seized the Hudson Bay Company post and its men 1818 * The Hudson Bay Company re-established again. 1821 * Union of the Hudson Bay Company and the North West Company. This had a stabilizing effect on trading posts and produced a virtual monopoly for the Hudson Bay Company, except that the post at Green Lake was closed for several years, apparently due to food and labour problems. 1831 onward * The Hudson Bay Company begins continuous operation at Green Lake (until 1973) 1835-1838 * A small pox epidemic killed one-third of the Plains Indians. 1846 * Regular visits from the Roman Catholic mission at Ile-a-la Crosse to Green Lake began. 1861 * Father Moullen was the first priest to spend a winter in Green Lake. He left in the spring after spending a very tough winter. 1867 * Confederation of Canada. 1869 * The Hudson Bay Company surrendered their charter rights to the land in Canada. 1873 * North West Mounted Police force was established. * Father Legard wrote after visiting Green Lake that the Cree were more numerous than metis and showed little interference in the Catholic religion. 1876 * Treaty 6 as signed. This applied to Green Lake/Meadow Lake Indians who came to Green Lake to make the treaty. Battleford became the first seat of territorial government in Saskatchewan. 1885 * Problems of the Indians of Saskatchewan plus grievances of the Metis came to a head. Under the leadership of Louie Riel and Gabriel Dumont a provisional government with military support was set up after other alternatives failed. Battles took place at Duck Lake, Frog Lake, Fort Pitt and Batoche, and after a few months the fight was over and the rebellion stopped. * Father Doucet's report says the Cree came from Frog Lake to Onion Lake and then to Green Lake where the Bay store was ransacked. * Fort Carlton was abandoned as a result of the rebellion. 1890 * The population of Green Lake was steadily increasing. * Green Lake's first resident priest, Father Teston, took general care of the community and built the first log chapel. * The first teacher came around this time. And a little later Mr. Carpenter from Meadow Lake taught school in Green Lake. 1900 * Telegraph line built from Green Lake to Meadow Lake. * Father Teston became the first postmaster in Green Lake. * A trail to Meadow Lake was opened for travel by horseback, but mostly by snowshoe or walking. * Revillon Brothers were traders in Green Lake competing with the Hudson Bay Company. There were other free traders through the years. 1901 * A new church was built by the people of Green Lake. 1905 * Saskatchewan and Alberta joined Confederation. 1920's * First doctor from Meadow Lake comes to visit Green Lake 1924 * A new priest, Father Waddel, and a new teacher, Mr. Schneider, came to Green Lake. 1926 * Mr. Bortwich brings the mail to Green Lake on the first Wednesday of each month from Big River. 1937 * The Green Lake School had been closed either because of lack of money or trouble getting teachers. In 1937 the school was opened again. A third school was built and another teacher hired. * Beginnings of talks about setting up a special metis area around Green Lake. 1939 * The provincial government set aside six townships around Green Lake to rehabilitate the Metis people who were described as destitute at this time. Non-Indian or non-Metis farmers were relocated out of the area. Some of their names are: Thorrance, Robertson, G. Lockhart, R. Bill Hobbins, G. E. Jathleen, Wales, Abbey, Dalpe, and Meads. Other white people stay. A program of 99-year leases on 40-acre plots began and the Central Farm was established. The government's plan was to help the Metis people become self sufficient. Tony Laroque became the first settlement manager and Bernard Lasandry became the first farm manager. * A new road was built to Meadow Lake and Ile-a-la Crosse. 1940 * Sisters of the Presentation of Mary came to teach aid to provide medical help by running an outpost hospital. Facilities were built by the government and run by the Roman Catholic Mission through the Sisters. 1941 * In the new town all canning machinery was set up to can wild fruit and garden vegetables for the Green Lake people. Carpentry shops for men and sewing machines for women were used to teach people. This was mostly run by the Sisters. Clark and Wall operated a sawmill in Green Lake. 1942 * A new Hudson Bay Store was built near the bridge. Mr. Hampton was the manager. 1945 * Timber Board and Local Improvement District (L.I.D.) branch of government created. * Central Farm expanded. 1947 * The new school opened with John Poiteras as principal. * Highway #155 began as a development road to the North. The existing bush trail, the Old Bay Trail, was regraded from Green Lake to Beauval and extended to Fort Black. 1949 * Twenty-two families from Lestock tried to settle in Green Lake. McJay, Lussier, Maurice and La Plante were some of the names. * The first school board of St. Pascal School District 918 met. The four local board members were Rev. Labre, J. Elliott, Alex Bishop, and F. Milne. The first school inspector for the area was hired. Early 1950's * Highway #155 came under the Department of Natural Resources (D.N.R.) for maintenance. * An R.C.M.P. detachment set up in Green Lake. 1953 * A Red Cross Nursing Station was established in Green Lake. 1955 * At a special conference in Green Lake to discuss the government's programs for the area, it was recommended that each family be able to lease 80 acres. Twenty acres were to be fenced for buildings and pasture and the rest was to be seeded. People were to be encouraged to raise cattle, pigs and chickens. 1957 * Highway #155 was completed to the south side of Buffalo Narrows Channel. An access road was built to Lac La Ronge and Ile-a-la Crosse. A year-round ferry set up at Buffalo Narrows. 1958 * Green Lake Lodge started by Jack O'Brien. 4 Cabins built. 1965 * At a local school board meeting the idea of teaching grade 9 in Green Lake is discussed. * A second government farm, Silver Lake, was established. It is a training and employment mixed farming operation with emphasis on cattle. 1968-1969 * The provincial set up five local families on farms with 30 head of breeding cattle (30 more were added later), some machinery and land. Special agreements for repayment of loans, land purchase and lease agreements were signed. Sayese, Hounsell, Gardiner, Arnault, and Dan Ross were selected by a committee. Hounsell, Sayese, and Ross signed agreements for payments on new leases. * C. Arnault entered a special agreement with V.L.A. * Gullickson built ten houses in Green Lake (Social Aid Avenue) for the Department of Municipal Affairs. People live in them on a lease purchase agreement. 1973 * Setting up a Northern Community Area governed by a Local Community Authority (L.C.A) was discussed in Green Lake and became effective in April. Green Lake became Northern Community Area 17 and was an area of three miles radius from the center of town. * The Hudson Bay Store closed for the last time. * Northern Municipal Council was established. 1974 * The first Local Community Authority (L.C.A.) elected. * N.C.A 17 enlarged to include six townships by D.N.S. at the community’s request. * New Saskatchewan Forest Products mill completed in Green Lake. * Gymnasium built onto school. 1975 * Rebuilding of Highway #55 completed from Meadow Lake as a gravel surface. * A sewage and water system installation as a grant from the province began. 1975-1976 * Highway #55 from Meadow Lake to Green Lake to be completely hard surfaced. * Planning study takes place. 1981* Lewi DeCock purchased Green Lake Lodge. 1986* Bob & Karen Henderson purchased Green Lake Lodge. 1992 * Village owned sawmill (Green Lake Metis Wood Products Limited) is incorporated. 1996 * Village reassumes operations of Central Farm completely run by the village. Village signs a wood supply agreement with Province of Saskatchewan & Weyerheauser. 1997 * Village signs a Wood Supply Agreement (W.S.A.) with Norsask Forest Products, Mistik Management and Province of Saskatchewan. 1998 * Green Lake Metis Farms Limited is incorporated. 1999 * Green Lake Lodge purchased by Bryan & Linda Jensrud and Fred & Brenda Hill. Wind plowstorm hits the village with wind speeds up to 150 kilometres per hour. Clean up costs $250,000. Provincial Disaster Assistance Program has to be accessed to help with the clean up. 2000 * Village owned sawmill burns down. 2001* Bryan & Linda Jensrud buyout Fred & Brenda Hill. 2002 * Sawmill reconstruction complete. The Premier of Saskatchewan, Lorne Calvert, performs the official opening ribbon cutting ceremony on July 25, 2002. * The village signs a Wood Supply Agreement (W.S.A.) with Weyerhaeuser and the Province of Saskatchewan. * August – first licenced establishment opened by Yvonne Anderson (TNT Sports Bar). Bryan & Linda build deck on the south side of Green Lake Lodge. 2003* New Mayor, Ray Liebel. 2006* New Mayor, Fred McCallum.  New Deck built on Cabin # 13.  2007* TNT Sports Bar sold.  2008* New owners open Convienence Store & Gas Bar.  7 of ourYamaha 15hsp, 4 stroke motors were stolen in March.  Anyone having any information regarding the whereabouts, please contact us or the RCMP. 2009* Street Lamps installed down Perch Crescent.  New cement boat launch pad installed at boat launch. 2010* Jensruds begin building their home on lakefront beside Lodge. 2011* Jensruds move in to home in May.   2012*Bed and Breakfast ( B&B )opened in December. 3 rooms available in walk-out basement on lakeshore.  2015*Old Mobile Home is decommisioned, lot used for RV's only for the time being.  2 New docks built. *2016 Cabin #10 Old Mobile Home is sold.  All new toilets in shower house. #11 Cabin and #8 cabin both with new deck.Walkway to men's showerhouse rebuilt. New till in store.

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