Green Lake Lodge
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Meet Bryan and Linda Jensrud, the owners.  Once in a while, their daughters, Kymberly and Kirsten will visit, along with their husbands, Kyle and Taylor.  If you see some young ones running around, they are our adorable grandkids, Judah, Keadyn and Koryl!  

We purchased Green Lake Lodge way back in 1999 and have enjoyed this way of life ever since.  Even in this short time, we have seen important changes in this industry.  One would have to be regarding size.  The size of land doesn't grow, but the size of the RV's are.  Fishing is just as good now as when we first arrived.  We are proud of this piece of heaven.  The lake is forever generous with it's fish, the guests are polite and every year we keep our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for everyone. 

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