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Green Lake Opens May 5
The Green & Beaver River Opens May 15


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Green Lake is located in Central Saskatchewan.  The lake is located in the Southern Zone and Green River is in the Central Zone set by SK Environment.

Green Lake Lodge is located on private land. No Park Fees apply.


Great Family Fishing

Green Lake Lodge has easy access to three bodies of water; Green Lake, Green River and Beaver River.  Green Lake is situated North to South, 16 miles long, 3/4 mile wide and averages 100 to 300 feet deep.  In places it gets deep quickly so be safe and wear lifejackets especially for little ones or those who struggle with swimming.  There are lots of natural occuring beaches for private enjoyment if you wanted to stop for a shore lunch.  Please be mindful for those who are playing with wakeboards, jet skiis, canoes, paddleboards, etc.  And of course, don't crowd the boat next to you!  There is plenty of shore line for you all! 

Please, no WAKE when you pass by the docks.  Correct proceedure is to travel slowly to the middle of the lake then turn and open up your throttle. (Opposite when returning to shore).  It is a safe lake, meaning it is sheltered from the majority of wind since most wind travels East and West.  Since it is so deep, there is nothing to drive over, no islands or inlets to get lost in and if the swells get choppy, cross over to the other side or wait a few hours until evening when most times the wind will die down.  If it gets dark, travel along the shore line North until you reach home.  Cell service is available until about 1/3 way down the lake South and all the way up the Beaver River where most river fishing occurs.  

Available fish include Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch, Lake Trout and Whitefish.  Don't be surprised if you catch other species...clams, burbot, etc.  If you catch a Lake Trout, be sure to bring it in to the Store as we have a special trophy to add your name to!


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